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     You are welcome at Elsass nsi de maas Grindingwheel factory

With this letter we would like to introduce ourselves as a significant producer of abrasives, produced both in The Netherlands as well in Germany, private owned and managed by the family Benedict through there JOBE Holding.

Since 1932 our main factory NSI De Maas in Cuijk / Netherlands (55 employees, 7300 m2) is producing all kinds of abrasives, both vitrified and resinoid bonded, Grinding wheels up to and including grinding wheels Ø 01200 mm, segments, mounted points etc., whilst since 1924 our factory ELSASS NSI De Maas in Bochum / Germany (25 employees, 3500 m2) has been specialised in the production of honing and super-finishing sticks. The production in these two factories has resulted in a very large range of different abrasive products realised through our long year's experience and continuous development.

Massive investments in the latest generation of machines, presses, furnaces and testing equipment, provide both enhanced accuracy and production levels. That guarantees excellent value-for-money, essential when cost efficiency has to be reflected throughout all levels of manufacturing. Our range covers every bond type - vitrified, resinoid and rubber.

Our production range is:
  • Grinding wheels up to and including Ø 01200mm
  • Grinding segments, dense up to highiy porous
  • Mounted points, cones with nuts
  • Honing and super-finishing sticks
  • Cutting off wheels and foundry fettling grinding
  • Sintered Sol - Gel made grinding wheels
Our main clients are:
  • Automotive industry
  • Bearing industry
  • Steel industry and foundries
  • Hydraulic industry
  • Machine building
  • Tobacco industry

In both our factories we are producing under NORMS: EN 12413 - ISO 9001 - ANSI B 7. l, the production is also related to ISO 14001 (Environment) and AA 1000 (Social and Ethical Accountability). We are using the highest standard raw materials, all with the highest security and health norms.
Together with your technicians we always manage to solve all your grinding and finishing demands.

We would gladly solicit the favour of delivering your demand for these abrasive products and therefor present our form "Inquiry Grinding wheels", which you are kindly invited to fill out and retum to us. On basis thereof we will be pleased to work out our best possible quotation.

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